1. Change the update repositories to “no subscription” and run updates 2. Remove the subscription nag 3. VLAN-enable the default bridge 4. If more than one host, add clustering 5. Install Ceph 6. Add Proxmox Backup Server connection 7. Setup HA on VMs for high-availability 8. Setup LetsEncrypt certificates using ACME 9. Setup Two-Factor authentication 10. Add Proxmox to InfluxDB monitoring

10 Things in Proxmox

Setting up VLANs on your Proxmox server enhances the flexibility of your network within Proxmox VE. This setup enables you to redirect management traffic to an alternate VLAN, connect your Proxmox VE virtual machines to distinct network segments, and implement virtual routers across various segments for efficient traffic routing, employing virtualization tools such as pfSense.