What is PSScriptAnalyzer?

PSScriptAnalyzer is an extension for PowerShell, created by the PowerShell team, designed to analyze PowerShell scripts and modules.  This static code analysis tool examines PowerShell code to identify potential issues, employing predefined rules to offer feedback on best practices and common syntactical mistakes. Its purpose is to aid developers in enhancing the quality of their PowerShell scripts.

How is it installed?

To set up PSScriptAnalyzer, the Install-Module command comes in handy. This command works seamlessly across both Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core. For instance, to get the module up and running, simply execute: - Install-Module PSScriptAnalyzer

How do you use it?

To point PSScriptAnalyzer at a specific PowerShell file, employ the -Path parameter to indicate the script's location, like so: Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer -Path powershellscript.ps1