Want a Proxmox home lab?

Are you coming from a VMware vSphere world and wanting to start experimenting with Proxmox for running your home lab and understanding more about running KVM as a hypervisor?

How do you get started?

Getting started with Proxmox is not too difficult. However, having the right guide to get started and overcome the beginner mistakes with Proxmox is a must.

What does the book cover?

1. Installing Proxmox in a VMware nested virtual machine 2. Proxmox 8.1 new features 3. Upgrading a Proxmox host to version 8.1 4. Proxmox Networking for vSphere admins 5. Proxmox updates and changing to the no subscription repos 6. Proxmox VLAN configuration 7. Proxmox management interface config 8. Creating ISO storage in Proxmox 9. Creating an iSCSI LUN with a Synology NAS 10. Adding disk space using NVMe