Best PiHole Adlists You should know in 2023

StevenBlack: The StevenBlack blocklist serves as a fundamental resource for quick and easy integration with Pi-hole. It hosts a plethora of blocked domains covering adware, malware, misinformation, gambling, explicit content, social media, and more, with regular updates ensuring its effectiveness. GitHub – StevenBlack

Energized Basic: Offered by Energized Protection, this host-based blocklist is compatible across all devices, efficiently blocking ads, malware, spam, spyware, statistics & trackers both in browsers and apps. It's known for reducing page loading times, enhancing privacy, and optimizing network usage. GitHub – EnergizedProtection/block

OISD: Known for its minimal false positives and a broad spectrum of blocked domains, OISD is a reliable choice for domain blocking. oisd | domain blocklist