Will the iPhone 5 be launched October 4th?

iPhone 4 users the world over have been asking this question since recent speculation on a few blogs and other leaked sources hearing reports that the newest rendition of iPhone was set to be released by Apple on October 4th which will be next Tuesday.  There has been speculation concerning the fact that cases are already being produced both for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.  Apple so far has been keeping close wraps on details concerning the new phone as well as the release date.

There is speculation that Apple will not stall on this launch as happened with the iPhone 4 and they have demonstrated how they have tightened things up with the iPad 2 release.  Whatever the case, if the new iPhone is released on the 4th, it will be released soon if not immediately.  Some information on the street says that hundreds of thousands of new units are already produced and being produced which would point to Apple making preparations to be fully ready on the 4th to go live immediately.


What is already interesting is how the iPhone 5 will square off against arguably the most anticipated phone opposite the new iPhone – the Samsung Galaxy S II.  The GSII has already been wildly successful.  It will be very interesting to see at AT&T if the iPhone 5 is released just two days after the GSII which is slated on the 2nd which one will outsell?  Of course the iPhone 5 will be wildly successful and popular as well.  The consumer definitely wins here.  Depending on which phone variant has your heart – Android or IOS, this will make most of the decisions.

The countdown until the 4th begins.  It is Apple’s move next to either confirm or dispel all the rumors!

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